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34A - Commercial Specialty Beer

ABV: 0-0%
OG/FG: 0-0/0-0
SRM: 0-0
IBU: 0-0

Overall Impression

Based on declared beer.


Based on declared beer.


Based on declared beer.


Based on declared beer.


Based on declared beer.

Style Comparison




Intended as a catch-all location for specific beers that are based on unique commercial examples that don’t fit existing styles. Past versions of the Style Guidelines included a Belgian Specialty Ale style; this style fits that general purpose, as well as allowing non-Belgian entries of similar intent.

Commercial Examples

Orval, La Chouffe

Entry Instructions

The entrant must specify the name of the commercial beer, specifications (vital statistics) for the beer, and either a brief sensory description or a list of ingredients used in making the beer. Without this information, judges who are unfamiliar with the beer will have no basis for comparison.