Lazy G comp/collab

The brew club and Lazy G are joining forces for a brew competition. The competition winner will have an opportunity to brew their beer at Lazy G and your beer will be submitted to the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) under the Pro-am category. Details are as follows: submit two 12 oz bottles with BJCP labels attached and recipe at the May club meeting. Bottles will be collected in the alley before the meeting.
-No beers with brettanomyces or lactobacillus.
-Kettle sours are fine.
-No pumpkin beers.
-No beers with heavy adjuncts.
-No milkshake IPA's.
-No barrel aged beers.
-No beers with a diastaticus yeast strain.
When designing your recipe be mindful that Lazy G has to sell 10 barrels of the beer . The plan is to brew the winning beer by July. Further details will be discussed at the March Club Meeting on the 17th.